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July 29, 2012
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Best Galaxy Nexus Theme: LockScreen v3 by eZaCx Best Galaxy Nexus Theme: LockScreen v3 by eZaCx
Functionality and Simplicity at itís finest. (This looks better on the Nexus)
As you guys might have seen, there has been a surge of these Dark Pie UI themes on this site. Well I am here to say, personally I believe this one has the most functionality of all those themes, and I think you guys will love it. Credits go to Wicked4u2c. I have upgraded the theme to suit my Galaxy Nexus GSM, only for wifi. Therefore, I donít use messaging and any data over 3G in general. So you guys can change around stuff as you might want. This theme has everything you might need on one page, or the drop down. Including the Voice search, standard search, security app/task manager, and settings. The lock screen has a Google music widget, helping you play music without the need of getting into the phone. I will provide the info below, packed in a .rar file. In the future, I might make a installation video, as it differs greatly from that ofís Wicked4u2cís.
The 5 icons below the colorful app circle, left to right represent the Voice control, Security/Permissions App, Drop down, Settings, and Search.
The bottom 5 icons left to right, represent the Calling app, Gmail (Can be any mailing app you use), App drawer, browser (Mine is chrome), and last is a media folder
This can be fully customizable in the PSD, included within the .rar file.
Here is the download link, it contains everything you need, ranging from the PSD to the readme Ė

[NOTE!! - I have not updated to my v3 theme yet. That will come in a couple of days]


As I have not made a video for this, here is Wicked4u2cís video, which follows the same steps.
BasiorStyle Aug 13, 2012  Student Interface Designer
hey, do you know I can find app in Android Market like this "JulyTwentyThird..."? About work... Hmmm its great! I love it! :) Good Job!
eZaCx Aug 18, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
It is minimalistic text, search that up. You will need the files that I have included so it shows up as that.
BasiorStyle Aug 20, 2012  Student Interface Designer
Oh thanks bro ! :)Good work rly ;)
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